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Bromine products
Sodium Bromate
Sodium Bromate is a powerful oxidizing agent, mainly used in preparing permanent-wave neutralizers, printing and dyeing auxiliary, chemical reagent, gold solvent in gold mines when used with Sodium Bromide. It's a bromate-based formulation of oxidizing agents for use in continuous or batch...
Sodium Bromide
Sodium Bromide brine is used as a completion and workover fluid either by itself or with sodium chloride, potassium chloride or bromide, or with zinc bromide. Its main advantage is in formations containing carbonate and/or sulfate ions which give rise to precipitation in the presence of other multivalent completion...
Calcium Bromide
Calcium Bromide 52% Brine, by itself (at 14.2 ppg ) or blended with Zinc/Calcium Bromide and Calcium Chloride, will give oil and gas well completion, workover and packer brines with bulk densities from 11.7ppg up to 15.1ppg..

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